Gender, Sexuality, and Power

OSI-HESP Regional Seminar for Excellence in Teaching
Project 2011-2014

A principle objective of the project is to promote innovative undergraduate teaching in the region, and to develop cutting-edge courses on gender and sexuality based on strong social constructionist and critical vision of sex, sexuality, and gender; to launch the teaching of queer theory, feminist analysis of sexuality and other approaches, which interpret sexualities politically, through the prisms of proliferated power and inequalities.

The main sessions of the project will include the following topics:

Teaching Sexuality and Gender: from Theories to Everyday Life (2011-2012). The central task of this session will be to introduce and discuss fundamental ideas/theories/methodologies in the study of gender and sexuality, and to engage practical application of the theories in the comprehension of everyday life.

Global/Local Discourses of Gender, Sexuality and Power (2012-2013). This session will concentrate on analysis of sexualities and power within different spatial and temporal localities (Soviet time periods, post-Soviet localities, and so on), and the dimensions of (post-) colonialism and globalization in sexual politics. Perspectives on ethnic and religious identities and their interplay with gender and sexuality will be considered as well.

Sexuality, Gender and Power In Intersectional Perspective (2013-2014). This session will target intersectionality, including such categories as alternative ability, age, class, ethnicity, gender identity, and others within gender and sexual politics. During the session we consider the links between the construction of sexuality and inequalities, privileges, privacy, family, heteronormativity, and dominance.

The question of feminist queer pedagogy (with focus on undergraduate university teaching) will be discussed within all theoretical or methodological topics.

The host institution of the project is Visual Culture Research Center of National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy