Session 1: PROGRAM of the ReSET project Gender, Sexuality, and Power
June 3-17, 2011, Uzhgorod, Ukraine

Date9.00-10.00 Breakfast 10.00-11.3012.00 - 13.3014.00 15.30 - 17.0017.30 - 19.0019.30
3rd Jun FriArriving and accommodations
4th June, SaIntroductory meetingIntroductory meetingLStevi Jackson:Conceptualizing gender: the career of a concept.

Delphy,West and Zimmerman (transl.),Wittig (transl.)Nicholson (transl. into Ukr.)
Stevi Jackson: Conceptualizing sexuality: from Kinsey to Queer.

Jackson and Scott, Theorizing Sexuality, Ch. 1;Jackson & Scott, Rehabilitating Interactionism;Richardson, Patterned Fluidities
5th June, SunStevi Jackson:Heterosexuality, Institution and Practice.

Ingraham, The Heterosexual Imaginary;Jackson, Gender, sexuality;Wittig (transl.)
Stevi Jackson:Can heterosexuality be made less compulsory? The limits of sexual citizenship claims.

Richardson, Locating Sexualities;Seidman, From Identity; Waites, The Fixity of Sexual Identities;
UJudith Halberstam:Theories of Desire.

Freud, first essay from Three Essays (transl.);Lacan, The Signification of the Phallus(transl.)
Judith Halberstam:Masculinity, Femininity and the Heterosexual Matrix.

Butler, The Lesbian Phallus; Spillers, Mama's Baby, Papa's Maybe;
Welcom party
6th June, MonJudith Halberstam:Theories of Power.

Foucault, Society Must Be Defended, first essay (transl.); Foucault, The History of Sexuality, V. 1. (transl.).
Judith Halberstam:The Coloniality of Power.

Gayatri Spivak, Can The Subaltern Speak?;Stoler, Colonial Studies;
NDiscussing Syllabi. Group work with Core Resourse Faculty.Discussing Syllabi. Group work with Core Resourse Faculty.N
7th day, Tu Judith Halberstam:Race, Sex, Bodies.

El-Tayeb, Theorizing Urban Minority; Reddy, Don't Ask, Don't tell.
Judith Halberstam:Futurity, Utopia, The End.

Edelman, The Future Is Kid Stuff;Munoz, A Jete Out The Window.
CDiscussing Teaching Sexuality, vol 1 of the publication series. Developing the structure. Moderation by Plakhotnik, Mayerchyk.N
8th June, WedStevi Jackson:What's wrong with psychoanalysis?

Jackson, Desire for Freud;Alsop et al, Psychoanalysis and Gender;
Stevi Jackson:The contradictions of late modern sexuality.

Jackson & Scott, Sexual AntinomiesJackson & Scott, Theorizing Sexuality. Ch 6.
HFree afternoonFree afternoon
9th June, ThusSara Crawley:A Basic Queer Theory Primer.

Crawley & Broad, The Construction of Sex (transl.); Holstein and Gubrium, The Self We Live By. Ch. 1. Restorying the Self;
Sara Crawley:Mind/Body and Interactionism.

Holstein and Gubrium The Self We Live By, Ch. 2 - Formulating a Social Self;Cahill, Toward a Sociology of the Person;
LTuula Juvonen, Olga Plakhotnik: Feminist Pedagogy, Queer Pedagogy (lecture and seminar).

Bryson & de Castell, Queer pedagogy: Praxis makes im/perfect;
10th June, FriTuula Juvonen:Understanding Lesbian Feminist Movement of the 1970's in the United States.

Rich, Compulsory Heterosexuality;Wittig, One Is Not Born A Woman (transl.)
Tuula Juvonen:Sex Wars.

Rubin, Thinking Sex (transl.);Jeffreys, How Orgasm Politics Has Hijacked the Women's Movement;
UTuula Juvonen, Sara Crawley:Anti-homophobic pedagogy.

Liddle, Despite our Differences: Coming Out in Conservative Classrooms.
Film screening (Suggested film: "It's Elementary",
11th June, SatSara Crawley: Gender and Sexuality in Everyday Life.

Crawley, Foley & Shehan, Gendering Bodies. Ch. 2;Crawley, Foley & Shehan, Gendering Bodies. Ch. 3;
Sara Crawley:Social Theory in Postmodernity.

Smith, Telling the Truth After Postmodernism;Smith, Designing An Ontology for Institutional Ethnography;
NOlga Bryukhovetska:To-be-looked-at-ness: Woman as Object of Masculine Gaze.

Mulvey. Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema;Modleski. Feminity by Design;
Olga Bryukhovetska:Screening: Vertigo. Alfred Hitchcock. D
12th June, Sun Tuula Juvonen:Lesbian Feminism Today.

Feigenbaum, Heterosexual Privilege;Boyd, How A Feminist Found Her Sexism;
Sara Crawley:Feminism after Queer Theory.

Cahill, A Phenomenology of Fear;Paechter, Masculinities and Femininities; Paechter, Power, Knowledge and Embodiment;
COlga Bryukhovetska:Deconstruction of the opposition Male-Female: Woman as Signifier.

Modlesky. Cinema and the Dark Continent;Williamson. Woman is an island
Olga Bryukhovetska:Screening: Gorillas in the Mist. The Story of Dian Fossey. 1988. Michael Apted, USAI
13th June, Mon N
14th June, TuDel LaGrace Volcano:(M)OTHER NATURES: from Imago to ImageFilm: Gender Queer: Qu'est-ce que c'est? (5min)DiscussionSlide presentation (1.5 hour)HTuula Juvonen, Olga Plakhotnik "How to Incorporate Queer Pedagogy into My Own Teaching?" (seminar, workshop)Crawley, Sara "Full-Contact PedagogyTuula Juvonen, Olga Plakhotnik "How to Incorporate Queer Pedagogy into My Own Teaching?" (seminar, workshop)N
15th June, Wed Del LaGrace Volcano:RePRESENTING INTERSEX: IN ART, CULTURE AND DAILY LIFE.The task of representing intersex in art & culture is for me much more than a career. It is a kind of evangelical calling, a self proclaimed manifest destiny that I embrace with every molecule of my being; from my hairy hermaphroditic breasts to my Barbie doll feet. I employ my multiple selves and bodies as an antidote to the tsunami of obligatory gender conformity.LRoundtable "Rethinking International Women's Day in Post-Soviet Spaces" Moderation by Maria Mayerchyk, Plakhotnik.Film screeningE
16th June, Thu Maria Mayerchyk, Olga Plakhotnik: training techniques in teaching (workshop)Planning of Intersession activityUFeedback sessionFeedback session R
17th June, FriDeparture of participants and Resource FacultyLLD